First blog post

Greetings! My name is Mikka Tyler, and this is the first ever Nevernauts blog post. I figured that with all this exciting stuff happening, it would be worth it to start documenting band stuff in a blog.

First of all, we were nominated for Pulse Music Television’s Best of Greensboro 2016.
To vote, just click here  and share the page with all your facebook friends. Every share is a vote! Thanks for all the love and support!

Next order of business, we have partnered up with Ziggy R. Trashe from Trashe Entertainment. He has captured a lot of stunning live material for Nevernauts, and we will be promoting those videos here.

Finally, we are elated to announce our first studio-quality recording sessions. Look for a brand-new album from us early 2017.

Thank you,
Mikka Tyler

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