Thoughts on Women, Choices, and Careers

The first female CEO in American history was Anna Bissell (1846-1934). Women have only been allowed to be in charge in business for just over a century. Look at how much we’ve done in that time.

But it strikes me that there’s still an inequality. This inequality has driven my decisions for my life and career, as I’m sure it’s affected others. The thing is, women are considered much less than men for jobs or careers where they would be in a position of power. There are a lot less female bosses, CEOs, etc. I think this ratio is starting to even out more and more, but the fact is that men who are hiring for a higher-up position don’t want to hire a woman, because, eventually, she’ll have children, and that will disrupt her career.

Think about that for a second. Unmarried, childless women, who are focusing on their careers, are not considered as seriously for a job they might pursue because of the future babies they might have.

Please don’t treat people like this. Don’t assume that every single woman is going to have children. Don’t base your judgement on a person by the future, that’s just some Madam Cleo silliness.

I’m 27. I don’t have kids. I don’t want to have children. I love kids, and I have so much pride and love for mothers, but it’s just not for me. It bothers me when people make me feel like my only value or worth as a human being is based on my ability to reproduce. It bothers me when people decide for me that my future children will interrupt my music career. It bothers me when I am judged for future decisions I have not made and do not intend to make.

Please, have some love and respect for each other. 

From Mikka Tyler’s facebook page, 3/8/18.

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